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    Community Feedback

    Just had my first meal for lunch and it was fabulous. Good food, easy and convenient. I will be ordering again. This is great for a single person on the go. Thanks for bringing this to the tri-cities . 👍🏻 

    Lisa, Boones Creek

    Love this company! My husband and I get these meals for easy on the go lunches for work that are healthy and delicious! We live in Elizabethton so the piney flats location is perfect for us. Also I made a mistake on this last order and they was so friendly and helpful to fix the error. If your looking for a easy meal prep this place is for you!

    Lacey, Hunter

    The food was amazing and made evening meals quick and easy.

    Amanda, Johnson City

    Got my first order Wednesday. I wasn't sure that it would be for me so I only ordered 5 meals to start. Well I regret that! I loved it all. It was so wonderful to have a fresh healthy meal to take to work for lunch and to come home after a long day and have a healthy meal in less then a minute. I am working on next weeks order. Thank you Fit +!

    Nancy, Blountville

    I just had my first meal and I’m hooked! The food is great! I spend a fortune at the grocery store because my eating habits are very strict. I am saving SO MUCH money doing this. They are so kind and accommodating to work with as well! ����

    Melanie, Johnson City

    Made my way through my first order and talk about convenient and good! Initially I thought I would have an issue with portions but each 3oz container was 2 full servings for me. Proteins are simple and flavorful and most importantly I didn’t have to cook myself! With 3 kids I have little to no time for meal prep, this is a game changer. These guys have been very attentive and Nice to me as a new customer which has been very refreshing. Looking forward to all of my future orders.  

    Brittany, Gray

    Thank you for healthy “fast food”. So nice to have the meal prepping done for you when life is overwhelming and busy. Our food was delicious! And convenient! Thank you!   

    Chelsey, Elizabethton

    Got our first order and love it! You all have found a way to not only help busy families eat healthy meals without wasting time prepping and cooking, but also I never have to ask my wife “what do you want to eat” just to hear her respond with “whatever you want. I don’t care, whatever sounds good to you is fine with me” only to have me choose something she doesn’t like and then back to “what do you want to eat?” again.

    For that, I would gladly pay double.   

    Austin, Johnson City

    My husband and I have participated in the meals for two weeks now. Initially I was concerned about the total price but we are spending less per week than we would at the store. We are financially committed with already having purchased the meals so we are not eating out for lunch or dinner as we were in the past.
    As far as taste, the meals are delicious! I love that with 2 small kids I can still eat healthy but not have to worry about making a fancy dinner my children will not eat. It has helped lose weight, free up time, and just feel better about what I am putting in my body. It has been wonderful!

    Deidra, Kingsport